Monday 5 December 2005


This i wrote some time back in my older blog.... on 9 november...

i just read an article in today's hindu newspaper.. there was an article telling that even when testing sex of an unborn child is illegal it still happens.. doctor says " jai shri krishna " if it is a boy and "jai mata di , puja karo" meaning its a girl and kill it... A women threw her child from 7th floor.. when asked dont u think it is cruel.. she replied that if she wd have lived she were to have same plight as her own.and she thinks she is doing that girl a favour.
i just hate the kind of behaviour girls get in this country... and the sex ratio in india will get more skewed if this continues. with dowry system and other social prejudices against women present in our society i dont think conditions can improve. even my parents worry abt collecting enough money for my marriage, which includes dowry for me.. My housemaid is so worried that she cd get a girl child and she doesnt want one.when i asked her why, she replied that u dont know how much money u have to spend on a girl and then u have to keep a constant watch on her unless she gets spoiled... i tried so much to convince her that girls are as good, but she has a biased opinion. and when u live in this society i think u tend to get biased on listening abt not wanting a girl child around u.
When i was in my school i thought this mindset was limited to labour class only and to my shock i was not correct. i saw a girl in my neighourhood who was my age getting married after a few days she got 18.. and when my mom asked her why r u marrying her so early she said "ladki jitni jaldi apne ghar pahunch jaye to hum chain ki sans le"..girl child is so often treated like a burden in our society. imagine how can a girl just completing her schooling be asked to take responsibility of a family and then is pressurised to have babies.. and isnt she being denied the education she could have got if she was not married?
sometimes i wonder if i was unable to get admission in my postgraduation, even my parents wd have tried hard to convince me to marry, then what wd have i done? they think 21 is optimum age for a girl to get married.. isnt marriage my decision and not my parent's? they find it odd that i dont wanto marry and i dont like to cook food or cleanup my room often.. they say it very un-girl like!!! but who says it is un-girl like? our society!
why cant society let us girls live in peace? why so many boundaries and restrictions? why should we walk on paths decided by our parents, family and society? why should a life of girl be defined by what she sacrifices and not what she does for herself?

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