Monday 5 December 2005

random thoughts

the irony of studying in one of prime engineering college of india:
throughout the semester i never got more than half an hour/day free for myself.. i stopped going for a jog.. i stopped doing my daily excercises... i stopped reading novels(i read just one here)..i stopped reading newspaper from first page to the last,just headlines now...all due to workload.. i hope i have not forgotten how to dance :)

and now when my exams r going on i had 3 days doing nothing except writing blogs.. commenting on other's blog and sleeping... wow!!! ah but after today's exam which is a lolipop :) i have 2 more exams remaining which r tough... so 2day s my last day of recreation till ofcourse my exams ends and i get back home..
home sweet home..and in addition i get--
my teddy bear..

spicy food.. not the bland ones like our mess's
no studies..
old frens..
movies.. considering there's not even one movie hall nearby..
popcorn :)
PVR priya..
noisy streets.. bustling with energy... its so boring(read quiet) out here..
radio mirchi..
lotsa stuff toys (in my room)...
no alarm clock..i'll sleep to my heart's content
fights with my younger bro.. :) best part being in home..
no worry abt phone bills..
ah...i realise home suddenly got a lot more value.. till now twas just a home..

[05/12/2005 11:23:08]

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