Friday 23 December 2005

I've got something to write

last week went in too quickly.. And theory of relativity should be changed to "The more we want time to go slowly, the faster it goes and The faster we want time to pass, the slower it passes".. I cant believe i have spent two-third of my holidays already and come next thursday i'll be on my way to my hostel.. *sigh*
As to why i suddenly realised this- Yesterday at my dance class, i counted the classes i attended and *My tubelight got lit* i noticed 2 weeks gone *unnoticed*..
Yesterday i also started reading "conversations with god for teenagers" Though i am no more a teenager ,i am a grown up girl *atleast in age :)* i enjoyed reading it.. I have a habit of folding the page at which i like some quote or some paragraph.. And in the end, more than half of the book was folded.. If anyone was to see the book, It will look like some toddler has played a game on that :)
On Christmas, i got a gift for the first time in my life,A green jacket..
(i mean first time on christmas, not in my whooole life :-) )..
The sad part is i am not going to any party on new year's eve *sob*, and for a stupid reason that my bro have an exam on 1st jan, so i'll be in home and sit in front of TV and scold my brother to go n study..

A few days back i also read some articles on tsunami- 1yr later.. And which made me think we r so small in front of nature.. Nature constructs and Nature destroys too.. We can do nothing but be a spectator to her works and her moods..

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