Tuesday 13 December 2005

Damn this cold weather!!!!!

I have caught cold :( its so very irritating.. to lie inside blankets and either sleep or read some stupid novel... i've got bored of this place.. i wanna go out of my home!!!!
vaise i did went for a movie on friday.. "bluffmaster"..1st day 1st show :) movie seems to lack continuity at times.. i'll say story is good but story-telling is not..best part abt the movie is ofcourse Abhishek bachhan(he is so damn sexy) and the unexpected end of movie.. i am so tempted to tell u the climax but i guess i shd not reveal it to u..
i had plans to go out yday too but this cold caught me :(..koi nahi there's always next time..

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  1. That's a great story. Waiting for more. » » »