Sunday 31 March 2013

Sunburst card

A Little bit of sunshine is all i need right now. Its soooooooooooooo cold, and rainy and cloudy out here in London that i really want to go back to my home for some sunshine. My daughter was getting cold every now and then already, now i am down with cough and cold as well. My throat feels like some one has put rough and dry sand over it! Anyways, here's the card i made last week. I love the toned down effect of the rays through the light fabric-paper sheet.

The sentiment is changeable, which i will probably do when i give this card out to someone. I did the flowers in a 3D pop-up style, which gives it such a gorgeous look! The lace was lying in my stash since a long long time. I realize i do not buy or use ribbons often now, where as i was a ribbon fan a while ago! Crafting styles change over time, don't they?

I hope some sunshine passes over from the card to our lives! How is the weather at your place? 


  1. Such a pretty card!
    Hope the days get warmer and brighter for you. It can be very dreary when it's grey. Feel better soon.

  2. very pretty!! Hope you and your daughter feel better soon!!
    Here, the climate is very hot.. and in my hometown it is very very hot and humid!!