Sunday 24 March 2013

New template

Ok, so this was real time consuming! Somehow my old blog template mysteriously vanished and i was forced to set up a new template... And i am glad i did that.. This template reflects me so well, bright, bold and obviously beautiful! :)

I took background, header image, post dividers all separately and tweaked the html to get what i wanted! It took me my whole day today! Phew! My husband is really annoyed now though, i spent a sunday on a blog rather than talking with him.. Time to make it up to him now.. Well, after this post I Will !!!

I recently made some fridge magnets for friends, I made a lot more though i clicked only a few since the rest of them were all in their pillow-case-boxes and i was too lazy to open the ribbons.

I am also in middle of making a mixed media canvas, but my daughter's sickness is not letting me craft to my heart's content. Weather here is so bad, it snowed yesterday, when its time for spring! I just don't like extreme cold weather now. My daughter catches cold quickly and then i cant even go out to get groceries.

I also have to ask my mother in law about all the Amaira's birthday cards that have made it to her. So please bear with me to take a out a name as the winner! I think I'll let my daughter select the winner by putting all the sender's names on chits and putting in a bowl for her. :) Should be fun! 


  1. Poor Amaira; Hope she'll get better soon! You too take care Kishley! Beautiful magnets.

  2. take care of amaira dear .she is n my to har blog looking nice.

  3. Hey Dolly,

    The new layout looks cute. Sad to hear that Amy is not feeling well. Hope she gets better soon.

    Beautiful looking Fridge Magnets, BTW.


  4. Hope Amaira gets well soon :) and those fridge magnets are really awesome!!