Wednesday 13 March 2013

Bout of some bad luck!!

I cant help but crib about how some bad luck is not leaving my side!
Looking for a job since 2 months now, got selected in a small company but they dont *yet* have finance backup. Some investment is on its way and they are interviewing people in anticipation!
Some how my blog template has vanished! Somewhere! Need to get a new template now!
Amaira is going through a bad phase healthwise as well.. Running now since a couple of weeks, vomiting, diarrhea and yesterday she had 104 fever.. :( and doctors cant tell what infection she has so she is only getting paracetamol, and telling me,she's doing fine and will get better on her own! Though i know these illness episodes build up their immunity for life, its just difficult to see them so uncomfortable and cranky and clinging to us all the time..

Anyways, i did win lessology challenge #22 and i received the $20 gift certificate today! So not all is bad!

We are planning a small get together at home with friends for Amaira's birthday on the weekend.. And i am making come cute little fridge magnets for every family.. Kids will obviously have their ow. Party favors, but isnt it cute to have something for grown ups as well! 


  1. Congrats on your winning :) Yes!! Life does seem tough at times!! Hope Amaira gets well soon.. my prayers are with her..

  2. Get well soon Amaira! My dear Kishley, things will get better....Be strong! I know you can overcome it. Congrats on your winning :)
    Love, Marge