Tuesday 7 February 2012

Different take on love

 I have always loved Iris folding and the last card i made using this technique was ages ago. Recently i got a book from library, which features lovely and absolutely amazing Iris folding cards, which inspired me to make 5 Iris folds in a single day! Yup! And three of those were made for this card!
Rest are in Pink & blue for my little one's scrapbook.. I have got so crazy over preparing scrapbook for him or her and since i chose to not know the sex of my baby, I am making elements in both the colors! How crazy i am!! I know! :) :)

Ok, so here's my take on a non traditional love card. Made in the shades of browns & oranges! Also, this one's my first tall-card! Incidentally I realised it is so difficult to take a snap for a tall one, I had troubles in just keeping it upright for a click!

Some pretty close-ups of the eyelets, ILU and the Iris folds -

On another note, weather in London has been, well, unpredictable.. I never knew It could snow for the first time in Feb in a particular season.. Feb is supposed to be a time when winters start going away!! :)
Here's a pic i took from my window on sunday -

 For the record I have still not seen snow-in-action yet. It snowed in the night! :( I have seen a lot of snow before, Indian hill stations are full of them in winters.. I was looking forward to experience snow-fall here in London.. Well, either i'll have to see if it snow again this week or if i need to wait till next winters! :)

And would you believe, I took this pic from the same place exactly 9 days before it snowed? ignore the tilt in the pic, I think i was focusing on the tree n not on the houses in background! Weather here is really unpredictable!

Entering this Challenge for Crafty-Jc's Feb challenge - Love card with non traditional colours! and The Stamp Man - Embellish it Challenge!

Supplies -
Cardstock from a locally bought scrapbook.
Glitter hearts from itsybitsy
Eyelets from
Boeken Voordeel, Belgium
small crystal heart from A1 craft supplies
Papers in Iris fold are from saved gift wraps! :)


  1. Though I am not a crafter, I can see the effort that went into making this card. Lovely !

    Btw, I was away from blogosphere for so long. Congrats on the big news :)

  2. Cool. Love the mix of colours!

    Hope you are keeping warm.

    P/s: You are the winner of my giveaway. http://yyam.blogspot.com/2012/02/xoxo-blogoversary-giveaway-winner.html

  3. I would love to visit that library of yours--beading, iris folding!! Awesome!!