Friday 24 February 2012

Anniversary Love!

This is a picture heavy post, so be prepared! :) I celebrated my 4th wedding anniversary on Wednesday, which feels like a long time though! I made this special card for my hubby -

Saw a tutorial on youtube a long long time ago, and here's what Tejal created using the similar approach..

FRONT/BACK  of the main card -

Tag 1- Front/Back -

Tag 2 - Front/Back -

 Tag 3/4 - Front/Back -

Everything together - :)

And to make my anniversary even more special, I received a HUGE parcel from Yvonne for winning a giveaway on her blog last month.. I couldn't believe my eyes at seeing all the wonderful stuff she has sent my way!!!  This is what all she sent to me --


  1. Wow! That's a lot of love for your man! Just love the fun happy details! ;)

    Glad the package arrived in time to join in the celebrations!!! ;)

  2. beautiful :) love those lil hearts n bee :)