Friday 10 February 2012

Beaded Heart Tutorial

Few days back I posted a card with beaded vase and a butterfly. So I thought i should share the technique to make beaded objects. I am going to show you how to make a heart with the same technique.

This is the vase that i posted earlier -

You'll need - Wire & beads. you should use appropriate wire thickness depending upon the size of your beads. Length of the wire depends on your object, for the heart i initially used about 30 cms of  wire, with 2x10 cms added later on to complete the heart.

Step 1: Pass bead to centre, bend wire to hold bead in place.

Step 2: Pass 2 beads on one side of wire end, form a circle by passing the second wire through them.
Step 3: Pull both wires evenly until the beads sit on the first bead. Then repeat the same process with 3 beads.
Step 4: Continue beading in similar way. For this heart, i went uptil 6 beads.
Step 5: Once all the beads are done, secure the ends by clasping them together in the back. If i had thinner wire i could also have threaded the wire into the second last row and cut the edges, that ways none of the side will show wires.

Step 6: Take two more wire pieces and pass through 3 beads from either side of the row.
Step 7: In the same way as above, thread 3 beads and then 2 beads on top of it. Secure the ends by clasping them at the back and cutting extra wire.

So here's the final heart - :)

More ideas beside the vase -
For this butterfly, I have threaded  1 bead on each level and instead of clasping the ends at the back, i threaded small pink beads to form tentacles -
you can add fabrics of feathers to give it a butterfly look :)

Another idea is to make a purse, something like the pic below. To thread the smaller beads i have not looped the wire through (two wires wont even fit in the smaller beads ). After threading those two large beads on top, i passed only one wire through the small beads and then back into those two large beads, secured the ends at the back.

Many more things can be made through this technique, think about cakes (with different color beads for each layer), baskets, christmas tree, bells, crown etc.

Hope you enjoyed through the tutorial! :)


  1. Its so pretty... THanks for sharing...

  2. beautiful work! I would like to invite you the international blog hop. Please follow the link