Thursday 10 January 2008

Farewell !!

NO, I am not saying farewell to Blogger.. This post is about a note, a friend of mine wrote when it was farewell time from my PG degree. I just found it in my computer archives and thought i'll post it here :)

Fair looks!! resembles a kashmiri girl, but she is a Punjabi Kudi with curly hair and long long earrings..
A fundoo girl who never takes tension for academics and give confidence to others to be cool and optimistic. A social girl with lots & lots of frens. Her jack finally made our ESD project especially ur stepper motor to run.
She is always logged into gtalk, never sign-out. Whenever she doesnt find anyone to talk to, she simply knocks my door & start idhar-udhar ki baatein. Total time-pass!!!
Friends, you might find shelfs of books, cassettes in every room, but she has a unique collection of earrings!!!!! She has a collection of long matching earringd which goes with every top, shirt, shawl, saree... and all other outfits.
This girl is too fond of music. While chatting, studying, sleeping, music always remain her companion. But she is not aware how much disturbance she is creating for the girl at her back room. you can guess her room in our whole wing through the beats.
But in her room, you will never find things in their place except her laptop. You may find a lot of junk in her trunk but a minute later you will realize how valuable junk is, when she transform them to one of her innovative ideas.
One of her too pretty saying, when you are deep in sleep in afternoon at around 2p.m., you'll get a knock at your door and she'll say, "bucket please!! ".. If you are a bit luckier she'll also say, "mug please!! ". You look pretty innocent when you say this.. :)
She is good in painting, she is good in dancing, she is good in photography.. with a very beautiful approach to see the world. Well to her credits, goes a death defined stunts like dancing SALSA in pencil heels..
I'm sure by now you have guessed to whom i am indicatings.. She is Dolly from Delhi !!


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  2. I saw this note smwhere else as well..:)

  3. hey hey! Kishley! wow, it sure has been ages since i've last stopped by at your blog. wonder why i ever stopped??

    anyways, glad to have found ya again. don't know what life has dealt you so far, but hoping that it has all been the very best.


  4. sushant.. yeah u did.. cos i sent it to you sometime back :)

    Nachi.. yeah, well u lost my blog cos i deleted the precious one and started a new blog.. Life has treated me well in those times and as my latest post suggests, i am getting married on 22 feb :)