Thursday 29 November 2007

Friends, Laughter, Fights etc.

I would not have been the same person without the friends i have had, as i passed through various phases of my life.
All moments, smiles, fights, sharing tiffin boxes, pulling legs, gossips, laughter, embarrassments, scoldings, back-bitings, saving money for someone's birthday, Bunking classes, Going to movies and hooting there, having innumerous crushes and then having looooong discussions over him..
Everything seem so distant now, yet remain close to heart..


  1. hey kishley... remember me !!!
    Even I didn't remember you till I was reading my old posts and the comments.
    U closed your earlier blog... right??
    so... how have you been. The tone of this post suggests lots of change. Well... times and places have changed in my case too.
    Wish you good luck in whatever your are doing.

  2. Hey girl ...

    Happy New Year!