Wednesday 23 January 2008

Getting married is no easy task..

I never thought a marriage could be such a TIRING affair.. oodles of shopping!! Well, I always believed i can never get tired of shopping, now i AM.. Shopping ke naam pe hi i remember those gruelling sessions.. Once in a while it was enjoyable.. But I have been doing this daily, with a parade of people around me, telling me that what i like is not good, and what i dont like is suiting me.. phew!! and getting to a common ground takes so much effort and patience :)
And there is so much more in a wedding.. selecting wedding invitation cards, filling up boxes with sweets, wrapping all the wedding gifts, listening to everyone else's "riwaz" and then actually following them :) Telling everyone about the color of my weddind day dress, from its color,its style, its kind of embroidery,draping, down to its cost.. Everyone around keep teasing me about sushant (my fiance) and funnily i enjoy those moments..


  1. Yay! you are getting married!! cograts!! it's party!

    it's interesting how despite of never actually even knowing you, your happy news managed to put a smile on my face.

    here's wishing you, Kishley, the daring queen, all the very best and a very very happy and prosperous married life. live it up babe! this life is your's for the taking! :)

  2. Nachi.. Yeah its party time!! :) Maybe khushiyaan hoti hi contagious hai :D Good to that nade u smile!!
    And thanks for the lovely wishes dear.. There's so much more to explore in ife :)

  3. Hey!
    Remember my card na?


  4. Arti.. Yeah i remember your card.. will be posting it to u soon.. aana bhi hai shaafi pe :)