Tuesday 29 November 2011

Shaker-Slider card

My husband's birthday was  few days back, and i wanted to try out some new technique which i had never tried before. I made this shaker & slide card for him. The color of hearts is same as the shaker, dont know why they both look a little orange in the pic.. 
The shaker box rolls on the sliding slit using two of the 1-pence coins :D I had fun making this! 

I have used some of the scraps from itsy bitsy PP sheets, put stripes in alternate colour & did some free hand cutting around the edges.. 
& here's a lovely look of my shaker box.. Coated in Red glitter & filled with beads.. I wanted to fill chunky glitter, but while making this box I realized that glitter will work better in square box. It is impossible to  arrange ALL the foam pieces together without a single gap in between!! A bangle might just work perfectly for a circular box filled with glitter or any such fine material.

&I love the way this bow has turned out! specially with those tine roses.. They *were* toothpicks!

On another front, my pregnancy is going absolutely fine. I just got back from a "Babymoon" in Edinburgh.. Apparantly the vacation taken normally in mid-pregnancy as a last-couples-only vacation is called babymoon! :) Edinburgh is a lovely place, more like a town than a capital city. The old town has a lovely charm to it with a castle in middle.
Recently I noticed a very surprising thing, my husband gets up with an alarm on his mobile. My baby almost always kicks 5-10 mins after the alarm, like he/she also wakes up by it. Once my hubby had to go late to the office and so the alarm was set for an hour later than the normal time. Courtesy my diligent body clock, I got up at the regular time, but the baby just did not kick!! I felt them only when the alarm buzzed an hour later!! & the same thing happened in Edinburgh as well when obviously the alarm was set for a late time to give us longer sleeps!! :) So many little things happening inside my *huge* body by now! lol! I'm enjoying every bit of being pregnant! :)

I am entering this card into two challenges -
ICR challenge #12 - DOTS AND/OR STRIPES + TAG IT
Priya's Use your scraps challenge


  1. That is an awesome mix & match of slider & shaker.... Making it double fun & interactive..... How I wish I get a chance to BABYMOON too..... But I don't see it on cards as of now.... Happy Celebrations!!!

    Ash... :)

  2. wow!!so many elements to look at!that should have been so much fun to combine both the techniques!! Seems u r njoying ur pregnancy to the fullest!Thanks for playing along my use your scraps challenge!All the best!

  3. Wow I love this idea of a shaker slider---Will try it soon- Fantastic idea-- love it


  4. Beautiful card...and wow!!! looks like the baby is already a daddy's little girl...i'm just saying...but mostly whatever I say..ends up being true!! :)
    Try to scrapbook a few pages of your pregnancy journey and then when the baby arrives...you have vast things at your disposal now...and do get a baby bump photo shoot done..they would look fab...
    say hello to the princess!! (it could be a prince..but I'm partial to little girls)

  5. Love your shaker box! :)

    So glad you enjoyed your babymoon...and that you are enjoying your pregnancy too.

  6. This is so lovely. I love how you have combined two different techniques into one.

    Love to read your baby stories and your life in London. Glad you had a great vacation and thanks for letting me know of the term "babymoon". I will keep that in mind :)