Thursday 10 November 2011

how do you keep up..

..with details of all the challenges going around?

I decided to take part in challenges this week, and went through ICR, CraftyJC, Kavitha's, Yvonne's & Priya's Challenges.. And when i sat down to make something,  I totally forgot what was i supposed to make for each one!! LOL..If you have any idea on how to keep up with all the challenges floating around, please share!

Btw, do you know, pregnancy make you forget things and makes you a little more lost!!  Thats a fact though no one knows the reason.. If you don't believe me, check this & this.. Yay!! Now, I have something to put the blame on :) Even though i have tendency to feel lost, pregnant or not!

One amazing thing happened yesterday early morning; I was laying on my back, with my hands on the tummy and i felt a soft thump on my palm!! And along with this thump i felt something inside my tummy.. A feeling i was experiencing since 2 previous days and which had me pretty convinced I have got some bad digestion problem and probably some *gas* (very very common in pregnancy).. All this while my little and tiny baby was kicking me hard to let me know he's there!! I am grinning from ear to ear now!

So ever since the 'realization' dawned on me, I have all my concentration towards the tummy.. Baby kicks a LOT, though the movement is so slight that i really have to be concentrating on my tummy to feel something! My darling hubby can't yet feel the kicks when he puts his hands on my tummy..
And I have been trying a lot of things that makes my baby kick more.. Friends told me various things that worked for them like, eating sweets, putting a slight pressure with hand on the tummy, hubby talking in the room worked for them! For me, turning the music ON works, specially the foot tapping numbers! I believe I have a dancing star on the way!!! Tejal coined that term for my baby.. lol.. 

And well, if you know some place in London to do craft shopping do let me know! I only know hobbycraft, which is damn expensive, prices are more than what it costs in India to get things shipped!!! :D Online stores here offer better rates, but i would rather see some stuff before buying.. tools etc are okay to order online, but i tend to like to see things like paper, ribbons, embellies etc. before buying them


  1. Kishley what wonderful news. When I was pregnant with Kuttu she always responded to my hubby speaking to her and the kicking would definitely occur with the James bond theme songs[ My hubby is a big 007 fan and we would watch reruns so often!].Also since I couldnt do strenuous stuff I used to try learning the keyboard by myself and she would love those sessions and tell me by kicking so softly!

  2. Awww!.. CONGRATS! :D
    Oh and have fun craft shopping! :)

  3. Dolly!! just enjoy these moments!! they are precious!! My kiddo would dance, if I hear fast beat songs...One day, in midnight, he woke up his father by kicking from my tummy!! Make note of such things for future scrapbooking.. :)) happy parenting!

  4. nice to hear of your baby experiences :)
    Enjoy every moment.

    To keep track of challenges, maintain a little notebook - write down the challenges and also what challenges you can combine :) That wud help u a lot :)

  5. lovely to feel your child kicking you..:)

    P/s: Feel free to interpret the postage stamps challenge in a way that works for you! :)

  6. hey dolly....
    so nice to know that v both experiencing similar things... I can understand what u mean completely... If yours is a dancing star toh mera toh dancer cum footballer cum "I dont know what" hain.... But in our case it was hubby who felt the movements first (he is the more shant one between us two)....

    Also about forgetting stuff.... OMG dont ask... I forget things in a minute yaar.... i forget the beginning of my sentence by the time I reach the end... so really I guess pregnancy does make you thoda bhulakkad....
    but its really nice to read your experience...

    I wish we could both just sit down and chat...

    All the best to you... Take care and God bless...

  7. To get you "kick started" literally with all the kicks from within already, get a small notebook of your choice {Shape & Size} & deck the book first to make it YOUR OWN.... The very look would motivate you to make a note of all the things important for your projects..... (I did this before I had a laptop to move around).... Now I save all the challenges along with links to take me back in case of any doubts anywhere...... on a MS doc & that helps & guides me through.....

    I hope that helps in anyway!

    Have Fun!!!

    Ash... :)