Sunday 1 October 2006


For the first time in my life i lived in terror.. Not from terrorists but from wasps .. These are called yellow jackets/ tattiya / barraiya too.. They had built a hive in front of my room and the person who came to take it off just banged it witha stick and left.. and the day after was horrible.. they stung at people passing from the corridor and attacked them literally.. A whole bunch would stick to the leg and sting.. Four of my friends got the sting.. They were so angry about their homes.. and i kept myself locked in my room :( others could go to their rooms from another corridor but for me, whichever way i took, they remained always in front of my room.. that stupid person did so wrong by hitting their hive.. atleast they were peaceful before that.. anyways some people from pest control came and sprayed some chemical and took the hive away.. till next 2 days those wasps circulated in the corridor probably looking for their lost home.. i felt a bit sad for them.. but then we ve to see our safety too..


Yesterday i came to delhi by bus and in front of my seat were my swimming instructors' brother and his family.. His children were absolutely adorable.. and i thought if i were to have kids they a\shd be like them :D For the first time i met a 10 month old baby who didnt scream , cry, and make their parents journey hell by numerous ways.. She was such an active baby and at the same time not violent types :D.. generally babies cry to go back to parents or someone they know.. she came to me and was their for about half an hour, playing with my earrings, making lots of funny noises, trying to sleep in my arms and smiling a LOT.. And her 6 yr old brother was a charmer.. I did counting with him.. to count 4+4 he had to use his fingers and after lots of thought process he came up with answer as 8!! I taught him some tricks to form birds from hands.. chidiya udana :) he took away a lot of coins from me and he operated mobile phone like i never could.. I was so surprised to see a him play with the phone like that.. he even knew how to click photographs from my cell, even though his father's model was a different one.. i wonder if children these days come to this world after learning everything.. they are so at ease with the technology... the next generation is a lot smarterthan us :)


Yestarday night i went out with my family to watch ramlila.. i went to pitampura and i realised how crowded delhi is.. It took us abt half an hour to cross a strech of abt 1.5 kms.. and the crowd in ramlila ground was mind blowing.. so we didnot went to watch ramlila, instead we went to the food stalls and enjoyed the mela.. it was a sea of people.. to get food from stall to where my family stood, i took about 5 mins and atleast 20 excuse me's.. Though i hated how people threw stuff on ground like that, when there are dustbins placed avery 10 steps, i just loved the spirit and activeness of people around.. And i missed Delhi.. Everything & everyone keeps moving here, at a fast pace.. Though i love quite of my campus too but thats not what i really enjoy.. observing poeple, looking at how they all work even in the worst conditions is a marvel in itself.. not many people appreciate crowdy places.. i dunno why but i do.. i like to be in places where some activity goes on.. :) And did i forgot to mention the gorgeous food i ate yesterdat.. :D I so so so love the chatpata and masaledaar food (spicy food).. and especially the kulfi faluda :) ..


And since some time i have been chatting with a fellow blogger and something he told me yesterday kept me into some introspection.. He said, "Our thoughts dont agree much on so much we talk about..And you usually reply with more questions or laughter, i dont know how to reply to that and i feel a little uncomfortable talking to you".. These are not the exact words, but the meaning was this only.. About agreeing thoughts i know, two people tend to have some disagreements and we dont know each other much to really know we agree a lot or disagree a lot.. And about asking questions, well i know i ask a lot of questions..but never knew this could be taken as something uncomfortable.. And i was really surprised to hear the same thing about laughter.. i laugh a lot and i amusually genuinely amused when i laugh :) or i am genuinely happy :) About asking questions i think i can do something but dun think can do anything about my laughs.. :) i am happy and i reflect that.. so thats that :)


  1. Well.. u do ask too many things.. err... but that lets me know u r still alive there :P

  2. Hmmm ... lot of things happening out here!
    "i wonder if children these days come to this world after learning everything."
    Boss! Learning in mother's womb is long known in history ;)
    Kya pata yeh mobile use karna seekhke aaya hoga!


  3. yeah u shud always look for ur safety first....spl in these kind of circumstances
    kids are getting intelligent day by 2 yr old neice knows how to operate a laptop and a dvd player and dont get me started on 4.5 yr nephew :D
    talk abt the next gen.....

    there is nothing like del...and believe me when u will get to travel to other metros....u will see they are worse....except bbay maybe

    dont let someone who is just a online friend, change friend just know a lil of our personality.......change something only if u close friend tell u over a period of time and that too by more than 4-5 of them...not just one........