Monday 9 October 2006

Crazy Week

Last week was crazy :) Had lots of fun at home.. went out for lunch on sunday and ended up with spending whole evening out.. Mom went crazy too, she was expecting me back by 4pm and i entered my home quite late.. She wanted to catch up with me i guess.. She was angry at how could i go out and not spend time with her, especially since i am home for such a short time.. She is so sweet really :)
Monday was everyone's holiday (2nd oct) so started the day with yummy food, bread pakoras and aloo ki tokri.. Went out to watch the dussehra celebrations in the evening.. And i still cant believe myself that i stood on a 4 feet high allevation around flowers n plants, to watch the show.. :) There wasnt much room for me to stand with many people already standing there.. still i managed somehow and din fell.. :) that was crazy of me.. :D vaise people did crazier things.. like climbing a tree and sitting there.. And bringing some high chairs from their homes.. Some people carried their children on their shoulders to let them view everything..
Next day i went on shopping..again.. And u know i was shopping till 1:40 pm, arrived back home at 2:02p.m.. ate lunch and packed some stuff i bought into my bags by around 2:15pm.. and was at ISBT by 2:37 to catch a 2:40 bus.. :D thankfully a frens and his fren were accompanying too.. So i did actually caught the bus.. They chatted non-stop and fought like children.. It was nice to see them do that.. Heard a lot of good songs on their phones.. Slept at some point of time and i hope din bothered the fren's fren much, with my head on his shoulders while i was soundly asleep :D
After coming back, some days went in trying to find a proxy (which sometimes works, sometimes dont).. no blogspot working at my insti.. no orkut working too.. blogger dashboard opens though :).. i can still read all your blogs thru feedblitz, though cant comment on them..
Yesterday was my last test before diwali and today i have a project demo.. uske baad total aish.. :)


  1. a well spent was the test ?

  2. yeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaa :)

    nice nice nice !!!

  3. Here's to total aish up next! Cheers!

  4. Here's to total aish up next! Cheers!

  5. Here's to total aish up next! Cheers!