Friday 9 June 2006

whats your hobby??

In our so busy schedules, we always find some things to do.. atleats i do.. :) there r so many things to do, right? people have many interests.. to as boring as listening to rafi songs or as exciting as climbing mountains.. as different as collecting various shaped kiddie-erasers or as mundane as reading books.. as costly as collecting gold coins or as cheap as playing in the streets.. as informative as researching history or as dumb as gossiping.. as magical as capturing moments by photography or as real as learning martial arts .. as intricate as craft-work or as simple as drying flowers in old books..

I have many interests in life.. painting, sketching, making paper flowers, reading books, glass paintings, ceramic modelling, collecting earrings, making greetings cards, dancing, jogging, meditating, collage making, collecting stones- this is a bit weird i know.. but i love to collect various stones.. even the dull ones from rivers.. :D collecting quotes/articles from differnt ppl and different genre.. solving puzzles.. then shopping (specially window shopping :D) .. taking snaps from my mobile.. writing stories.. i guess i might be missing one or two more..

i like doing various things in life and probably thats wat makes me going in life and i do have something to do besides studying.. :) and i take pride in saying i can do so many things efficiently.. :)

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