Saturday 3 June 2006

One of many Tags.... The "S" Thing

i've been tagged by Ricky. He gave me letter S I have to write 10 words beginning with that letter, including an explanation of what those words mean to me and why.

Sleep - I love a good nights sleep and atleast 10hrs at stretch :).. though i seldom get it wen um in my hostel.. nd these days um sleeping up for the days i've lost my sleep :) :)

Sirname - Well my Sirname starts with S.. and sirname itself starts with S.. lol..

Salsa - Well its the most cutest couple dance.. i learned some basic steps in my normal dance class.. but starting this sunday um going for a proper salsa class.. though my partner is going to be my younger brother :) and i'll have to wear heels to the dnce class n my bro will have to wear formal dress to the class..

Sunday - Mostly ppl think sunday as fun-day.. for me it always was the most boring day.. no dance class and not even papa at home.. his holiday is on wednesday.. which is today :) Though i like to paint sometimes on sunday.. bot khaali time hota hai us din..

Skirt - I love to wear skirts... though my family wont allow me to wear those short ones.. so i wear the longer ones :) and they r anytime better in scorching heats of delhi..

Surprises - Well, There is no life without a healthy does os suprises mixed.. And i love to have them in my life.. Atleast they make life a bit more mysterious :)

Shopping - Tell me one person who doesnt like shopping :) and um no exception..

Sharbat - Best thing to have in summer :) be it roohafza.. rasna.. ghar ka bana badaam ka sharbat.. or shikanji.. everything is soo good :)

Sky - I love to watch sky especially at dawn n dusk... when u can see various colors and shades in the sky..

Scoop of icecream - I am crazy about icecreams.. though i eat them in moderation cos um trying to lose some weight.. but still anyone can put a smile on my lips by offering me an icecream.. n my fav ones being chocolate chips icecream.. also called "21 love" in the old nirulas.. :)

So thats about it.. all those who want to take up this tag.. leave me a line n i'll give u a letter :)


  1. Hmm.. I see. :D

    Some pretty interesting stuff here :P

    I m leaving tomorrow. Don't forget it ;)

  2. Hmm.. S..

    1) Sea
    2) Sky
    3) Soft Gaze
    4) Sparrows
    5) Sand - the feel of it at my feet
    6) Salsa - yes, wana learn it somday
    7) Sweeeeeeeeeeeeets !!!
    8) Smile dat cud melt u alive :)
    9) Silly laughter
    10) Sound of Music



  3. Wow!! You completed the tag. Sorry for coming late to check it out.

    I love sleeping too but I cannot sleep more than 6 hours at stretch.

    I love Salsa but the mexican salsa sauce..he he

    I work on Sundays...shoot

    I love Skirts (on glas ofcourse)

    Sex...ahem ahem

    Shopping is good but only if it is done within 15 minutes

    Sharbat...roofahza...yummy. Love it.

    Love watching the sky while eating icecream at night.

    Nice tag!! Loved reading through it.