Monday 5 December 2011

Baby boy in the family!

A new addition to our family!! :) My sister in law gave birth to a baby boy 5 days back and I'm so excited about it. My darling husband is in Delhi right now, he just had to go when he got the good news! A friend is coming tomorrow to stay with me while he's away, though I would still love to have my husband beside me all the time.

I just so had to make a card for her, I am a proud Maami now! For those who don't know, Maami is kid's mother's brother's wife! lol! It sounds so complicated, though is not, since we Indians have been brought up in a world where every relation has a specific name! Check this link if you are into reading all possible relations we use in everyday matter..

Ok, so getting on with the card, I was in a hurry to complete this in time. I seriously didnot want my husband to leave without a card!  The design is inspired from one of my own baby-girl card that i made. I happen to purchase both boy & girl gift papers from Archies, which is why even the sentiments look same. Even the baby  on both papers is same, only the picture frame is in a different color.

Details of the lovely glitter hands from itsybitsy & ribbon from A1 craft supply -

Sorry for not-so-nice pics, was in a hurry to click them too. The night time when i clicked these doesn't help either!

Edited later :  Just going through my archives & realized, today my blog turned 6-year old! :D what an awesome feeling..  I started blogging as pure fun, when i was back in college and blogging was the new-est fad! There was no concept of followers, no page widgets and designing the blog was much more complicated. Through all this time, I've stopped blogging for a few months every now and then.. 2009 saw only one entry into the blog..For those who dont know, I have even churned out some fictional short stories on this blog, my fav one being this one. These days I'm majorly focused on paper crafts & general state of my mind & life.
My come back to blogging happened by chance, when i hooked onto indian ATC swapping club - found on ICR now. This blog allows me to express my happiness & my thoughts with so many lovely people out there. I thank each one of you for reading my stories, appreciating my work, advising me, doubling my happiness and sharing a part of my life! 


  1. This is awesome Dolly and hey congrats.... !!!

  2. its too cute and simply sophisticated style exactly :)
    Lovely and adorable !

  3. That's a cute ONE!!! Have Fun sweets..... :D

  4. Soooooooooooo cute and pretty card with beautiful blue:)

  5. Congrats Maami... cute card... how's your health doing otherwise...

  6. ooh maamiji!!! too became a maasi!!:)
    fabbie that glitter hands and feet!! cute!!

  7. Congratulations!How have you been? :)

  8. awesome!! congratulations! :)

  9. congrats Maami!!! such a cute card... and the baby is so so adorable!!!