Saturday 1 October 2011

True Love

My first card after along while! & my first one from London n my new craft room too!  :) This one's for Piali's Challenge on Yvonne's blog.. Challenge was to do block stamping using an acrylic block! 

Here's my entry - 

I ended up inking too much i guess, cos now when i look back at Piali's work & other entries, my work seems a little blotchy! :D But i anyways love this card.. 

Luckily,all the new purchases i did in last month from India did not went into the Cargo! (My lucky mistake is what i call it!), so i had this big Acrylic block & 3 new distress inks. And the only stamps i have are background stamps from Ujjwal & a labels stamp set from Karuna! :D The label & flower vines comes from the label set! 

And I learned about colouring white ribbon using stamp pads from Priya's blog recently. The link for the tutorial is here.


  1. So good to know you are finally settled into your new craft room and started crafting already! Lovely card and well I am blotches on my entry too :) and I think there are meant to be some with block stamping. They add a lot of textures!

  2. I love that card too..... Especially the colors gives it an edge.... I love all the stamping.... :D

    Ash... :)

  3. Looks so lovely


  4. i like it too.... looks like some kind of handmade paper and coloured heart ribbon.... nice!!!

  5. I love the amazing texture you created with the technique! It's not meant to be "neat"! Love the mix of elements!

    Thanks for playing along with my guest Piali's block stamping challenge! :)

  6. Oh Thank You so much Kishley for giving me the link to the dino head!I knew how to make that mouth but didnt think of adapting it into a dinosaur-- shall show it to my kid right away-- Love you dear!

  7. This is sweet... Love the sentiment... Lady is having fun in her new craft room Eh??

  8. Hi Kishley,this is ratica we spoke on indus ladies regarding karva email id is send a email so that we can exchange numbers...catch ya :)

  9. Wow !! love the cute hearts. Did you color them urself?