Tuesday 22 August 2006

Placement time..

Well, I've been in college life since 5 years now and i can confidently say placement time is the most gruelling one.. Companies visit one by one to hire people.. The most reputed companies take only a few students, maybe only 2 or 3.. And thats the time confidences falter, gloom sets in minds, people starts walking with high hopes from themselves and slowly turn diffident.. Test went well, interviews went well, interviewer was impressed.. but yet, no job in hand gets very frustrating..
I've seen the ecstacy of people getting a well-paying jobs and seen the sadness in the eyes of those who were ousted.. and that too simultaneously.. I've seen people trying to show they are happy for their friend but yet somehow feels why not me? I've seen people criticising others for no reason.. But then i've also seen people genuinely feeling happy for frens and helping them as they move forward.. I've seen people consoling others to compose back.. I've seen so many emotions in just past week, i somehow feel it was like a movie..

Now, on a happier note, i have been offered job in symantec, pune in R&D.. The interview went on and on till 4 am today in the morning, by which time i was just happy to end the procedure, selection was just outta my mind.. I woke up at 7 am to get ready for another interview in another company,just in case i din get into symantec.. so now i am happily placed with a well-paying offer and a good job profile :)
( that was the reason for my absence from blogosphere in the last week.. i'll be visiting ur blogs again after i take a loooong nap now... :) )


  1. am proud of you lady !!!

    keep up the good work !!!

  2. got something up my blog.. id want ur views on.. do stop by..

  3. i remember having commented here..

    kitthe gayasi..??

    neway.. congrats woman.. so whens ya supposed to join.. closer to my hinterland..??

    btw, waiting for ur comment on my latest post..

  4. now when refreshed.. i see all the comments.. damn..!!