Saturday, 9 September 2006

Never believed this could happen

I was so very upset during my travel to delhi today morning.. A guy, who was very indecent looking types, sat beside me... when ofcourse half of the bus was empty... I tried to completely ignore him, but he was such a looser that i cant even describe my feelings when he sat with me.. He just kept staring me.. i mean what was his problem?? I was soo tempted to ask him, "Hey have you never seen a girl before or what?".. It was 5:30 a.m. in the morning, so i safely
assumed acting to be asleep will be a good idea.. but NO this guy was so adamant at having some chit-chat with me that wanted to give him a chanta (slap).. He started by asking from where are u coming, which he undoubtedly knew cos we boarded the bus at same place!! Then he started asking about where r u going!! which too he knew wen i bought the ticket for delhi.. Then he was soo interested in knowing why am i not studying in Delhi that i wanted to kick him.. it was none of his business.. I replied that my college is one of the best ones!! And then you wont believe what he said.. "Oh!! People come in here through donations!!" and donations my foot, my college is one of the few colleges in india which dont even support sponsored seats.. each n every student has to go through a strict screening process.. i myself slogged to get in there and faced interview before getting admission.. He was so-so adamant at keep on talking to me that he even said something like "You are so intelligent".. As if he knows a lot about me, and he contd for half an hour with his monologues.. and he was so irritating that when i dint answer him or pretend to be asleep he kept on repeating his question till i say something..
And you know you havent even heard the worst part.. His gaze and his gestures... He continuously kept coming closer to me.. I had to ask him to move several times over.. and he kept on slipping towards me again n again.. And he tried to move his hands closer to my boobs.. while talkin he'll invariably bring his mouth closer.. and when he asked a question, his gaze would always drop down to you-know-what.. I felt so so unconfortable during that 1 hr he sat on my neighouring seat.. gosh, i was so relieved to know he isnot going to tortutre me through out the journey.. After he left , some aunteeji came.. which though very lousy was anytime better than the previous chap..

I can never understand why some guys come down to such a cheap level? Is this the reason people usually call an unsafe place for girls to stay? I felt very bad after the incident.. I felt like covering myself up with something like a burqa to evade his penetrating eyes.. It felt like i am not even decently covered up.. Felt like protecting myself..


  1. ek kaan ke neeche rakh kar dena thaa na !!! make noise when something of this sort happens...

    some people deserve to be killed !!!! KILLED !!!!

  2. I love your picture with the two hands, like a steamy shower. Coool.

  3. well u will meet these kind of psychos all ur life...shud have slapped him or changed ur seat atleast.....anyway u shud take care frm next time.........

  4. Daring to be different. A pioneer. A leader.

    Is this written in your profile?? Oh, yes... it is!!

    Abe dhakkan.. do chappal deti na kheech ke mooh pe!! Khaali likhti hai ki confident hai.. hain nahi asliyat mein :P
    As everybody said, its better to create noise and beat those bastards right there. Apni Indian janta to mauka dhoondhti hai haath saaf karne ka. Kabhi unhe bhi trial lene do na!