Wednesday, 13 September 2006

Life at its best

I'm so laid back these days.. just enjoying my life.. reading romantic novels :) listening to music all day, even while i am asleep.. going to dance-workshops in nights.. attending meetings for my clubs and writing something for editorials in upcoming annual college-book...doing yoga daily in the wee hours of morning :) And yesterday I made some greeting cards too.. just dunno whom to post.. :) And i feel like Mc Donald's ad-line, "I'm loving it".. :)

Just one hitch!! My room is in total mess!! I need atleast 5 hours to get everything back into place.. But on secomd thoughts thats not really a bad thing.. atleast my life is not a mess..


  1. happy to read the happy post !!! good to see this fresh change !!! stay that way !!!

  2. Postal address du kya? :D
    Glad to see the happy-happy things happening wid u ... TOUCHWOOD!!!
    Always be happy
    Keep Smiling


  3. Oopsy..:) At least you know how to taste life like how it should be..