Friday, 22 September 2006

Mirror Mirror, tell me all !!!

Have you ever noticed how integral part of our lives is formed by a mirror..I noticed this courtesy a full length mirror placed just near my hostel's water cooler. I was filling my water bottle and just noticed how everyone passing by never failed to peek a glance at the mirror.. or at themselves..

What urges us gals to keep looking at themselves??

Even when they have just got up from bed and are in a mess.. still they would look into the mirror and smile at how relaxed they look.. *I do that :)*.. Girls almost always give a small touch up to their dresses in front of mirror even when everything was already in place.. Skirts will be pulled down (or up :D ) shirts and straps will be brought into right place.. hair will again be brushed.. make-up will be given a small touch up too..
The funniest part being nothing will look the same after 5 minutes.. not a single thing.. yet we just cant give up the urge to do our best to look the best... You can always tell if the girl is going out to meet someone special, by noticing the time for which she stays in front of mirror.. & by how many times she come back to see herself in the mirror.. *hehehehe*

And by the way has anyone noticed how many time you go in front of mirror to check which accessory match with the dress or which colours suit my mood today?? That is such a girlie thing.. * :) * I have about 100+ earrings and still have to look at the dress and myself and the earring together to feel satisfied that they go well together :) and i absolutely love doing that :)
And i wonder do guys do anything like this?? standing in front of mirror to look at themselves??

Mirror shows just a reflection of how you look, i so hope it could also give a reflection of what you are.. "Looking at yourself in mirror isn't exactly the study of life".. Have you ever looked into a mirror with some questions for yourself.. some introspection? I have never tried it but have heard from a friend that its a nice experience..

And in the end a quite interesting qoute/question i found--

"Who sees the human face correctly: the photographer, the mirror, or the painter?"

And i sincerely couldnt come up with an answer..

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  1. none of the three...

    its the eyes... wherever they are... behind a lens... on the face painting a face.... or in the reflection...