Tuesday, 5 September 2006

I feel so good

i am feeling so good right now.. since last few days i was planning to wake up early and go for a jog.. but lazy bum is wat i have become.. never woke up before 8:30 am.. :) ahh sleep is soo wonderful.. and my bed is such a sweet abode of, umm, my laziness!!! feel like sleeping again.. :)
anyways, back to feeling good, today i woke up at 5:30, albeit with heavy door thomping and wat not, by my devilish friend whom i mistakenly promised yesterday, that i'll go with her for a jog.. 3 more people told her that they will come.. she woke up at 5:30 and started to broke their sweet sweet dreamzz.. and unfortunately mine was the last room in row ( from her room ).. everyone else said NO.. i mean this is soooo very wrong.. they told her they'll come and how could they refuse.. just how could they?? and in the end i was made her scapegoat... she started banging at my door when i ignored her calling me.. she made me go with her :(((
so i half-heartedly and half-sleepily got ready and went to jogging grounds.. it had been ages since i last saw a sunrise.. which is as always wonderful.. i particularly like the color palatte nature forms on sky.. next time i'll click a pic too :) so i jogged for 1.6 kms.. usually i do more but today i was all out of breath.. i think it could be because of terrible cold/cough um having.. i had viral in last few days.. After the jog i did some stretching.. and i was happy that i have not lost flexibility :) :) and then i went for yoga class.. i wasnt aware there is one going on in our campus, the athletics coach told me and then i went there.. it was good actually.. by the time i reached, class was almost done and they were about to start the relaxing excercises.. and that the reason i am feeeling sooo good now :)
Lying on the floor, closed eyes, breathing slowly and deeply, listening to sir's words-- like feel your breathing.. see your stomach going up and down.. :) imagine to release all your worries and negative thoughts.. collect energy from surroundings.. things like this.. it was a wonderful experience.. and most amazing part was, after a few breaths i started to remember things i need to do after coming back to my room, right then he said.. stop thinking about other things and be mentally present with yourself.. :) After this all of us sat in a circle holding each other's hands and chanted "OM" for sometime.. it was wonderful to feel the energy around us and it felt just so out of the world experience :)
And see i am so smiley smiley now, that i have left soooo many :)'s in this post.. and i had to delete some of them otherwise this post was looking like a smiling chimpanzee.. :))

And the pics i told ya i'll be posting-- The painting is 2' X 3' ( i think this ' is for feet.. correct me if um wrong..) Ceramic is a powder which is kneaded with an adhesive, like fevicol, and the final dough is used as clay for making various shapes, like the leaves on top and the pillars of the temple.. Then i painted this with oil paints and finally used varnished to give it a glossy look.. and the silver, golden work was done after applying the varnish...

The flower- vase is about 2.5' high, here instead of making dough with ceramics, a thik paste was made and filled into cones.. all the work, except for the roses and leaf pattern/ yellow rope pattern, was done with cone.. and 2-3 coats were given to give it some height.. Stones were used to give that embroidery look on the bride's lehnga, the red dress.. The lower portion of the vase is studded :) with different sized-shaped-colored stones..


  1. running is a firm fav with me...kindda miss the beaches back in Mauritius for that purpose, but i have quite amicably replaced football as a substitute here in Baroda..

    anyways, i bet that the sunrise was worth the evil friend banging on door and making you the scrapegoat!! ;)

    keep up the good work woman.....