Friday, 8 September 2006


What is it with people these days!! Every one in this world seem to be worrying about my marriage. Especially the aunties who have no better work except to say this guy is good.. he earns so and so.. no one comes and say he is a nice guy or he can keep you happy.. All that matters is he has a fat paycheck and maybe a good looking face..

One more *irritating* thing everyone keeps saying, in one way or the other, you will be leaving your job one day, so why think so much about your career.. and not just the aunties but 2 of my guy-batchmates also hold the same view.. Why being a girl, thinking about career is such a big deal? and why do these guys thought a women should leave her job after sometime to be happy and caring towards her family life!! AND why dont they think they too will have to share some responsibilities.. but they wont think of leaving their jobs.. will they??

I have worked hard to get where i am today and i got a job because i am capable of the work this company needs from its employees. To think of leaving the job to do household work is stupidity in my sense.. I didnot studied so much to let all my knowledge go into dustbin.. I know of a few girls too who think this way.. they say,"Family first".. as if family and career are two mutually exclusive things.. If girla themselves can think in derogative way for their careers, what can be expected from others anyways..

My parents laugh at me when i tell them i'll marry someone who will help me in everything, including to do daily chores like cooking n cleaning.. We are sharing lives, so why not share responsibilities too.. is it so odd to want to share such tiny-winy thing with your partner?? huh!!

And people please dont get offended if you dont agree with any point.. i am NOT speaking about you, but a few ppl i recently met/talked with..


  1. i totally agree with ur point and more than that i have always believe its the ladies clan itself who tries to put down the gals who wanna do well both in professional and personal lives......unless their mentality doesnt changes...nothing willl for guys......indian men have always been mcp's.....wats new in that

  2. Well its great that you know you can do it even though people don't agree with ya drive. thats really a thumbs up. If u really want to pursure something in ya life. Go ahead and pursue it but of course be wise and calm when discussing this issues with family. Especailly if its interrupting their great beliefs or traditions. but its a great thing that a lady like you posssess such great ambitions. its this generation women this days. :) if u believe you can you wuold. unless you can get a man who understands and would encourage you in pursuing ya career it would be a bonus! we are in the mordern world. Don't settle for anything less. Settle for the best!