Thursday, 11 March 2010


It feels so amazing to watch your wild classmates get wild again at another classmates wedding.. :) Almost all of them had two left feet, still they were all *dancing* to the beats.. The whole scene was so hilarious, I just couldn't stop laughing by the end of it all. About 7-8 guys jumping mindlessly, without the sense of beat and occasionally trying to co-ordinate themselves.
Had they not been my classmates, i would have watched this bunch with a very disapproving eyes. Knowing them so well made the scene so happy and joyous. Only these people can pull such an act :D
And it did bring some good ol' memories back, Our principal had actually stated : "In my whole career , I had never seen such a bunch of in-disciplined students, and I am sure I will not come across ever again" :D When all of my class got suspended for burning crackers in the lecture room, no one even went to say sorry. The suspension was supposed to be indefinite, but the princi saw we were having more fun, not attending the classes, so he called us back after a week :D :D

Those were good times :)

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