Thursday, 4 March 2010


I have lately started a task, of visiting blogs i used to read some 2 years back, and reading my own older posts again. And i feel, why in the first place did i drifted away from blogging?
These last two years have been the most hectic years of my life. I got married, started living with new people, got into a very time-taking job, bought a home and hence a lot of financial burden. Spent some time in photography, then left it. Spent some time in paper-crafts, then left it too. Here and there spent some time in reading books too. My drawer is now full of things i kept on hoarding, intending to use it some day in some creation of mine. My book-shelf is full of books i picked, still lying un-read. When will i ever go through all of these? i really never thought about that.
In the process of trying to adjust into the new life i stepped into, i lost interest in most of the things that were close to my heart. I am no longer the person i used to be. That "I don't care" attitude is gone now. That will to do Everything in life has been replaced with sheer lazyness. I am always so tired. :D
And as to why i started writing again.. I somehow bumped into a blog, while searching for something else totally. The blog's writer was participating in an ATC swap, i got interested too and upon knowing that i'll have to give my blog address there, i visited my own blog, to check if its still there :D It very much is there..
And from now on, i hope to write regularly and re-follow my passions again.


  1. Well in life a time comes when you need a break and focus on other things. This is a part of life. But there are somethings that remain in you that are your part, so even if you are away from them they are still with you.

    Welcome back :)


  2. hmmm.. yeah.. i guess u r right.. I already feel it was only tomorrow i was doing those things.. they come back with such ease :)

  3. hey hey, look who's back?? :)

    ...well life has sure been busy for us all in the past couple of years...

    welcome back Kishley!!

  4. @NAchi:
    lolz.. yeah um back.. i'm surprised u remember me after soo long.. And i definitely feels nice..

  5. u remind me of the time when one day after abt a year of marriage i was quite depressed abt something and ws sitting and wondering...

    what did i achieve and lose in dat one year... though i ws quite happily married with an excellent new family... it did trouble me to know dat little things i hd taken for granted earlier, i now craved for...

    like spending time wid yr friends(no specific purpose meetings... general chit chats)... reading(i culdnt believe i hd spent one whole year without touching a book... dats nt me)... crafting(i remember missing going out to stay at home to craft & here i ws... hd no idea where all my stuff ws dumped in mom's house)... general time pass TV sessions... and so on... but i guess i hve gradually managed to get some of them bak to me... i (even if partially) have found myself back...

    But as you say... things do come back with ease... its just a matter of wanting them back really hard :)