Monday, 29 March 2010


So finally i got time to make this months ATCs.. I was really really busy this month, and really thought i'll not be able to send ATCs for march. Also this month's theme was a little tough for me.. or maybe i was going through artists' block.. couldnt think of much to do with the buttons i bought for this project.. I had never worked with buttons before..
I made two ATCs..  & not happy with one of them.. I ripeed it off totally and made it again.. not too happy with second attempt either..  I still think i could have done better, but lack of time did stop me to start afresh the Third time.. :D
I hope someone likes them :D


  1. am so so waiting to see them soon:)

  2. Waiting to see them! You sound so like me I must say. I did this with my first set of ATCs... ripped them off because I wasn't happy with them. LOL!!

  3. lolz.. i hope i get more time in april.. wont want to send something i myself am not too satisfied with :D