Monday, 8 March 2010

I kept my promise

Well, I kept my promise, i made to myself. I ordered the 4-book set of Twilight, Started reading the day it arrived, i think it was 4-march, thursday. Its monday today and i have already been through the first two(twilight and new moon) and have started the third one(eclipse). And i feel so pleased about the fact that my reading speed is still a no-compare to anyone i know of.

I also started working on the March ATC using buttons.. but somehow my heart was deeply set with Bella & Edward ( the main characters of the books i'm currently reading) and so i quickly left off that and continued with the books. And oddly, i didnot even miss my laptop.. It was not switched ON for two complete days, which i think was a first for my laptop, to be not turned-ON at all in whole weekend.. :D

And it was fun watching my husband next to me trying to coax me out of the book i was deeply buried in. I got threats of putting off the lights, warning about not to go beyond a certain page number and (mildly) violent attacks on my book.. Most irritating action of hin  being when he would just close my book without even letting me bookmark it.. I hate to find where i was before.

And i think next time i'm going to turn off his Playstation while he is still playing :D :D *grinning* *With an evil smile* :)


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