Saturday, 1 July 2006


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Shikha slowly started to adjust into new surroundings.. She struggled in new role as wife, with new responsibilities and constant nagging from her mother-in-law.. Her discomfort grew, but she had nowhere to turn to.. Ansh was busy with his business.. Rekha was busy in trying to create rifts between the couple.. Meanwhile Shikha gave birth to a healthy child.. She was a mother before she turned 19...

Life is not fair to all, Some people get other people's share of problems too.. Shikha though tried to cope with eveything was slowly turning inwards.. in the shell of her bedroom.. She was not happy as she wanted to be.. but then who really is?

In her parents home, all was not well either.. seeing his daughter's plight Shikha's father's health kept on deteriorating.. He couldnt see her this way, but he wont do anything for her cos he was still angry.. She chose her own life, why should he interfere? Egos.. one really cant understand them wholly.. And one day he left this world from a severe heart attack.. Shikha not only lost her father but also her family's sympathy.. everyone else blamed her for this incident.. She caused him worries.. She made him ill.. She made her father die..

She cut herself totally from outside world after this.. She, her son were her whole world now.. occasionally Ansh would become too.. when he was free ofcourse.. He loved Shikha but recently he too got tired of her behaviour.. she was always upset or depressed.. And it takes deep love to accept one's partner in these conditions.. Ansh found it difficult to think of shikha in same way now.. She had not completed her studies and so couldnot find a job to keep herself busy.. Her mother told her straight not to get a divorce and refused to accept her responsibility.. She has already caused a lot of strife and should not be the cause of new ones..

After a few years shikha became mother again.. and at the same time gave in to depression.. She stopped responding to people.. She stopped smiling or crying.. She stared at walls for endless hours.. She stared at people as if they were walls too.. what went in inside her head was known only to her.. No one cared anyways now.. No one noticed her condition till once she fainted among relatives and was taken to hospital..

Her hospitalisation charges were not less but nothing what Ansh couldnt afford, yet he despised shelling off so much money on her.. Later her medication charges also pinched him.. But somehow as she recovered from depression, they started going out like in the past.. like in their courtship period.. They both went out on a trip to Mussoorie.. a small hill station.. Shikha thought of these days as her most happier ones.. But she never came back.. only her body did.. Ansh told everyone she died suddenly in her sleep.. When ppl saw her dead body, anyone could make foul play in this situation, shikha's face was all blue and her lips were black.. You would be expecting someone to take some action against Ansh.. atleast i thought so.. but it didnt happen..
Her mother refused to take any action lest Shikha's both children be left for her to take care of.. She did not want to take-in her own grand children.. But had no problems with letting them live with a murdrer..

Now was it Shikha's destiny to die at an age of 28?? Everything she suffered was because of just her one decision to marry a person she loved.. But was it her destiny to have a mother-in-law who expected a lot of dowry?? Was it her destiny not to live a happy life with her husband?? Was it her destiny to be blamed for her own father's demise?? Was it her destiny to have a mother who didnot wanted to take her responisibilty?? Was it her destiny to be taking costly medications?? Was it her destiny to be killed by someone she gave her life to?? Was it her destiny to leave 2 children who'll live a life of an orphan with a careless father??

If she had known what lays ahead of her in this marriage, Would she still have married Ansh?

This story i've written is a true story.. of a girl who lived next door.. And She was killed the day before i started writing this story.. i've always seen her mother as a shrewd lady.. but seeing her not take any action against Ansh was heartbreaking..

( Names and places have been changed )


  1. stories..?? aur parts mein..??

    whenever i come across them.., i say.. BACHAO..!!


    will read it all at one go.. when u finish it..


  2. the husband is at fault here for not taking care of his famly. nobody else.
    rest r disposable characters.

  3. Sometimes the best of decisions turn out to be wrong. Loving a person is different and taking up responsibilities is different. One must learn to look beyond the rosy atmosphere love creates.
    I agree with Nahuati ... Ansh is to be blamed for not taking care of her!


    [May the girls' soul rest in peace]

  4. ouch.. inna ghussa..!!

    but this time i read it.. the read was gripping till iread the last two lines.. and then the read evoked thoughts..

    in a way i believe shikha was at fault.. i mean we all make wrong choices in life.. she made too.. but there is alwys a way out.. though everythig was against shikha.. she made it worse by remaining silent..

    i know whatever i just said doesnt make sense in the way our society functions.. but well, agar aisa hota toh kaisa hota.. ((wishes..))

    bless her soul..

  5. me.. - I dont wish to oppose you, and understand tht everybody had a share in this bad episode. But when the lady suffered, its easy to blame her. Husband's responsibility is much bigger than what can be understood/imagined here. You married? I guess no. :)

    Its human nature to find the reasons for the things that happen. But when it turns out to be a search for someone to blame for the mishappenings, let us put a pause then. I regret that I made the previous judging comment.

    I am not saying tht the husband was not at fault or it was all his fault, but his share in this unfortunate event was the biggest one. Lady suffered, true. But remaining silent doesn't solve anything. So she suffered more.