Thursday, 27 July 2006

The photo tag..

Well, i have seen this photo tag doing rounds on many blogs.. so here am I.. tagged by none but still taking it up :D

Here goes many things most people dont know about me...

1. My Childhood dream..
I always thought of opening an art n crafts school.. right now i'm into totally different field, which has got nothing to do with crafts stuff :(

2. My future plans..
I Plan to adopt a baby some day :) There are so many children who dont get a decent enough life.. adopting a child brings difference to atleast one life.. i just hope i will become a gud mother :D Though i understand my husband might not be ready for this.. Not many people can accept someone else in their lives so easily.. Still i hope i can atleast help some kids in their education and upbringing..

3. Meditation
I am not too good in meditating and um trying to improve.. Since many things are revolving in my head, i cant maintain that silence ( in my mind ) for too long.. whenever i sit to meditate my mind wanders so much that i dun even come close to the act of meditating..

4. My weakness
I cry so easily.. its not that i'm not strong, but tears come naturally in my eyes and a lot for that matter.. i cry even while watching a movie, when no one else is crying :)

5. My best time-pass

I am a voracious reader and can (almost) read any book under the sun.. and maybe one day i'll have a personal library of my own :)

6. something i did today

Shopping.. yippie.. i've been going to shop a lot lately.. mostly to busy some things i need to take back to hostel.. So i've bought 5 T-shirts, 1 kurti, 2 formal shirts, 1 salwar kameez, 2 sandals, Rakhis for my brother, some colorful pens to gift them to my bros.. now just a few things more left to buy ( some tiny-miny stuff like earrings and a belt and some other accessories)

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  1. a first timer to ur blog!!, neat and nice. will go through the archives some day, the tagged artices always come out to be quite a boring ones for me!!