Friday, 7 July 2006


Today, i was talkin to a fren of mine and topic of discussion was universe.. :) Tthe universe is thought to be a space-time continuum in which all matter and energy exist. It is finite or infinite, no one knows.. Even this is not sure that the universe is a part of a system of many other universes, (multiverse).

Cosmic inflation removes vast parts of the total universe from our observable horizon, So it is probably impossible to observe the whole continuum. The part of the universe that can be seen or otherwise observed is usually called the known universe, observable universe, or visible universe. Research articles in cosmology often use the term "universe" when they really mean "observable universe". This is because unobservable physical phenomena are scientifically irrelevant. And so there is no agreement over wether universe is finite or not.

Think about it, We are no where near knowing where do we really exist? We all are so absorbed in our periphery that we dont even bother to look what lies beyond?

Now do u agree that there could be some micro organisms which will never come before our eyes.. suppose they live in a small place, say a sand dune in a remote area.. For them that is there world, would they think of something lying beyond there reach? And now consider we r in same position.. this universe is nothing but a ball in the hands of some giant kid and we r those tiny miny micro organisms..

Well i know this is sooo absurd thought, but when i was a kid and was introduced to this chapter called "The universe", i usually thought of all of us in this way.. :) i was an imaginative kid you see.. btw before i start going into my other equally imaginative stories, get back to track..

So we were discussing universe, where this world, this earth and our very own existence is just a small issue..
after i put down the phone, my maid came to me and asked me- "didiji, Its soo hot, Only god knows why isnt it raining this year?".. I told her its already raining in some parts of India and monsoon will hit our city soon.. "But the rain is happening in India, and we are in delhi. How are they connected?". And when i said "Delhi is the capital of India.. Its an integral part of the country.", She didnot believe me at once.. She lives in Delhi but she doesnt live in india !!!

So that was my free fall from The Universe to an ignorant mind..


  1. What if Delhi wasn't part of India? Won't then the winds carry the clouds to it if it happened to be in its path? Your answer was pretty lame, like ur maid's question :PP hehehehehe

    About universe... talk to Human Universe - Ghost Particle aka GP :D

  2. Kya bolti tu?? Delhi India ka capital to hai I know parr Delhi India mein hai kya?? :-?

  3. hmm... nice post...

    and u know what.. universe is as big as you think it is... :)

  4. I feel miniscule all of a sudden!
    Nice post!

  5. cool going with thoughts of no periphery..!!