Sunday, 25 June 2006

All world should go to hell!!

I feel so detached these days.. Like i've got nothing left to do in this damn world.. I've got to do atleast 10 things.. yet i dont feel any inclination to do them.. i've missed last coulpe o dance classes too.. and daily i call up my tutor ( who's teaching me ceramic work on flower pots) to tell her i've not yet completed the task i was supposed to complete last wednesday.. I've not started preparing for my placement, all my yahoogroup mails are filled with ppl sending company papers.. I dont knwo wat to do.. i dont even feel like crying.. all i feel is numbness..
Just a lost soul with nowhere to go and nothing to do.. Today i called up 7 ppl to talk to and none of them was free.. :( then i started working with ceramic in which i lost interest within 5 minutes.. i trod in my balcony for a long time.. wanting something to ease my nerves.. i've never smoked in my life but then i wanted to.. like ppl use to do in movies.. like my father do when he is nervous..
I dont know wat to do.. i just dont know.. And i dont care!!


  1. hey doll....
    sorry yaar.. i was not able to get access to net for a past few days.... n didnt knw what was happenening at ur side... but felt bad bout the events in ur life...
    u knw sometimes lifes seems to b too unfair.. we always lose what we want.. we are happy but that lasts for a second... we hav ppl around us... but we are alone... And that time it all feels usless... but then this phase comes into most ppls lives.. and those u brave it are the ones who excel... we dont knw basically where to start afresh when we suddenly find an unexpected end... but going is the name of life... get goin... time n life never stops for neone... n u will hav to find the old rhythm bak into ur life... so for now... think bout a new startin and let bygones b bygones.... i knw its easy to say but hard to practice... but u will hav to brave this storm and come out victorious.....
    tc n gbu

  2. Don't let the darkness engulf you!
    Control the situation and don't let it control you.
    I know u r a strong gurl ...
    This is a phase ... will pass!
    Stand firm on ur feet and the wind will fail to move you


  3. yo,

    you are probably out of that phase by now, but just my two bits anyway....

    next time it happens try listening to music and singing along, or watch a movie while eating a lot of chocolate :) :) .... so chill out and take it easy...

    what can i say... we've all been there ....

  4. Good Way to advertise ur emotions.. even they are not yours now..

  5. hi dear..visiting yr blog for the first time..pretty bad time u are going through..pamper yrself like will make u feel better

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