Monday, 19 June 2006

Mausam hai suhana..

Hey ppl, is it raining in ur part of the world too?
If yes then isnt it soooo romantic.. so wonderful.. i woke up at 5 in the morning to go for a jog.. though its still raining and i din go.. but um glad i wake up then.. it was so lovely out there.. like innocence at its best.. watching a pigeon-couple cozying into small place out of the reach of water was a wonder :) and seeing children hopping onto the puddles of water on the road brought back so many memories.. wen i was a kid and commuted to school by a school bus.. same scene happened almost every july :) and once wen i get back the streets were water-jammed.. it reached upto thighs of my small body.. i waited on a house's steps where my bus dropped me for someone to come n fetch me home... but no one came.. i think my mom expected me to return home on my own like ordinary days.. i was on the verge of tears when no one came for about 15 minutes.. lol.. vaise i was a brave girl.. cos i did came home on my own.. i was dead scared that i'll find a snake in water.. n u know i din even told my mom i was scared.. next day one of my fren told me she was scared but din went home alone.. then i bragged so much abt me going alone... i think u might know how a child brags.. so that was wat i did.. now it seems ll so childish.. :)


  1. I live in bangalore and it rains here everyday :-) and the walk back home from work is so beautiful...
    but this is south india. And they worship snakes here.
    Hence, the place is full of them.

    ps- SUPW - socially useful productive work.

  2. I love rains too ... I love getting wet in rains ... and I was not scared to walk back home alone :p


  3. There's nothing like a rainy day with a soft thunder in the has a calming effect for em...thank you

  4. Best regards from NY!