Monday, 4 October 2010

On your Special day

I bought some white lace a while ago. Had really tough time taming it :D To create ruffles from lace is not easy. I used some staples for the ruffles and then hid them behind another layer..

Here's another card using similar stuff but a different lace. The guy i bought the lace from, had a very very small peice of this gorgeous broad lace. I couldn't resist buying it, even though the guy was amused at what could i possibly do.. lolz.. And i can make another card from that same piece if i use along the smaller side of the card.. :)

Stuff used -
Laces from local stationer
Butterflies, flowers, sentiment and ribbons - Itsy Bitsy
Papers & cardstock from my local Stationer
Pearls from stash


  1. Really pretty cards! I love the lace! Sometimes I use brads to create the ruffles. If they are the same colour as the lace, they just blend in! ;)

  2. lovely cards,love the doodle in this first and your laces:)

  3. fabbie cards!.. love the lace and the tiny flower! :)

  4. Very beautiful..... & perfect duos..... Loved them so so very much..... :)


  5. The ruffled lace is just perfect. I loved it!! :-) And the broad lace on the 2nd card is to die-for... beautiful colors :-)

  6. These cards are so pretty! the lace looks gorgeous in both the cards

  7. such gorgeous cards.

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  8. Very pretty cards.. just loved the lace :)

  9. Nice colors and gorgeous lace!!

  10. I love the cards! I'm glad you like lace - 'cause I put some in the parcel with goodies that I send you (for playing along with my collage challenge over at Yvonne Yam's blog last month) I mailed it off to you yesterday. I hope it will get to you in one piece! Let me know when it arrives, will you?