Tuesday, 18 May 2010

My new storage box

I recently bought 2 medicine boxes for storing my craft embellishments from gaffar market, Delhi. And i am just loving it. It organizes my stuff neatly and boxes stack up taking up very little space. Here's a pic i took from my mobile - not very clear, but this is the only pic worth showing :D. Whenever i'm going again, I'm buying a few more such boxes.


  1. wow!.. grt idea!.. tfs! :D

  2. yeah, they are great for storing tiny knick knacks... u wont believe i gt a couple fm US and later one day realised am getting them easily in local shops too :(

  3. @Spardha: tfs = what? :D i'm not too good in abbreviations :(

    @Shalini: lol! happens all the time.. We actually sometimes underestimate what might be available in India.. :D

  4. And any amount of boxes I have, I still find a shortage & want more.... Right since my childhood, I was always interested in dibbas or boxes & not the content inside.... The obsession of getting things systematic, I just went crazy for any number, any size of boxes, I could lay my hands on...... Even now, I store many things systematically, but still find a shortage & want more.... Crazy ME!!!!


  5. I have these in my local dollar store too! They are great for storing all my bling embellies! :)