Monday, 17 May 2010

I Love

I love to travel. And not just to watch the important points in a place, but to feel that place. To roam around, to look around, to understand what makes a place so special. I love to know the history of the place i'm visiting. I love to observe how people behave in this another part of the world. I love to interact with locals and hear their views.

I love to read. Anything which is written crisply, not the kinds that go in circles explaining things. I love short stories as well as voluminous novels, biographies as well as scientific theories, craft books as well as coffee table books.

I love photographs. I am not too good as a photographer but i do like to try whenever out :D My husband thinks i'm good in noticing interesting & clickable things, but the outcome is never what i would want it to be. but since i anyways donot spend too much time in learning the finer nuances of photography, i'll have to be content with whatever beauty i can capture through my lens & my eyes :D Other than art-photography, i really like to have memories through them. Even a cousin commented on the VOLUME of photographs we have from our honeymoon.. :) she never even clicked a quarter of them..

I love to craft. Oh, I just love my artsy craftsy gene. I am mostly into paper crafts, but have pursued other forms in past (when i had more time with me ) . With so little time on my hands with my taxing job,  ATC blog has been a saver. It requires little time since amount of detailing needed is not too much. and i can easily manage that on weekends. I have a HUGE collection of embellishments and papers, I buy them at twice the speed at which i consume them. I am already running out of space :D And i have decently big collection of paper-craft books. When i am not creating, I love to go through them. There was a time when i was not creating at all, in those times, I used to carry one book from my collection to my office and go through them during traveling (Which BTW is about 3 hrs daily ).

 I love jewelery. I love jewelery BIG time!!! And every piece i own should have something unique in them. I love all stone-studded ones, i dont like much of plain old gold . My favorite possession being my mum's wedding necklace & earring set, which i got as a gift on my wedding :). They might look old fashioned to some, but i so love to wear them. I once was thinking of revamping them into something modern, but then on an occasion i got such lovely compliments for them that i decided to wear them as it is. I wont ever get something like them again, gold jewelery is simply not made that ways now.

I love to shop. I usually like to shop in malls or some air-conditioned environment when i am looking for clothes. I generally never buy clothes without trying them on, and never from road-side stalls. Road-side stalls for me exists only to buy junk jewelery, craft accessories, hand-made products and such things.
I love yoga. Its been a little while since i started going for Power yoga and oh girl! I am in love with it. It has made me a little more flexible and a little more active. And a lot more connected with myself. Thats difficult to explain i guess.


  1. i loove photography too! :D

  2. Ahhh..what a wonderful list of loves. Travel and reading are great ways to discover new things. And I do think that photography is more important these days...with all the changes and construction going on, the landscape has altered so greatly...that's the reason I scrapbook. Yoga's great for helping me get centred...We seem to have quite a lot in common.

  3. Spardha: :)

    Yyam: I never thought about photography in those terms, but yeah that makes sense.. World is really changing at speed of a blink, so its important to keep memories alive that ways :)

  4. I love anything crafty..until i get fully obsessed with it, I won't learn it. and never tried yoga..need to but that laziness gene has been activated in me. don't know how to turn it off..