Sunday, 28 May 2006

If u all were wondering where have i been....

Hello!! Well i am really very busy these days!! vaise in the last few posts i made it very clear ki mein kitni veli hoon... but recently i've got smitten with the ring bug :) I am reading "The lord of the rings" byt J.R.R. Tolkien.. i guess most of u ppl must have seen the movie if not read the book.. And i am so in awe of the author's imagination... Its such a gripping story to read :) and the description of everything is too good a detail :)
I got this book as a gift last yr by my best fren who visited me in hospital after i underwent a minor surgery... and i never ever got so much time to even start reading a few pages of it.. this one is a very thick book and its print is small... every time i took it up, i ended in keeping it back safely in my book shelf since i never thought i'll b able to complete it... now i have started reading it and i am just occupied by the chronicles of the middle earth... And i am enjoying it a lot :) I have read the first novel(Fellowship ot the ring).. and i am in betwen the second one(The two towers).. By the way, i noted there r two words most often written in the book -- "Ring" and "Peril"...
In between all this, i saw fanaa on friday.. After such a long time i saw first day first show of a movie.. A superb movie.. And kajol is like Wow!!! Her acting skills are just beyond words.. As many will know she plays a role of blind girl... and she is happy and at peace with what she is.. not at all complaining... And there is a dance sequence.. When u see her dance u will admire her even more the way she dances and not even once u feel like she is not blind.. Anyways i wont speak more of the movie now lest i give away the story :D
And i am definitely planning to see The da vinci code tomorrow.. :) Any comments on it?


  1. fanaa..was an absolute ok sorta movie re..
    kuch jyaad ahi hype ki wajah se the spirit got killed.. but i loved the character played by vrajesh hirjee.. too good re..

    Lord of the rings.. damn the book stilll scares me.. though im a voracious reader.. this is oen book i just cant get myself to reading..

    tuesday.. Xmen3.. wanna join..?? ;-)

  2. arrey he's that character.. whos start off as rajesh khanna, then salman khan.. he plays tour guide aamir's assistant..!!
    ab yaad aaya..??