Friday, 5 May 2006
Hi all... specially shreyas, who recently wrote in my chat box... "itna bhi kya busy".. :) hmm.. now imagine urself in my place.. you have got 4 projects, research proposal, 3 presentations and 2 assignments to be done in short span of 2 weeks, which although got extended to almost 3 weeks.. my all this work ended yesterday with lest demo... and i have my final exams from tomorrow...
:( i am fucked up here.. loads n loads of work..
During the last few days i learned a lot too.. not really in terms of studies but how different ppl react n work in different conditions...
a teammate of mine didnot even understand or took the pain to understand the protocol we were going to implement.. i did abt 75% of work n assigned him the rest, and to my surprise he din do even half of it.. i told him step by step, how to plan n implement things.. but then i cant go inside someone's head n feed the information there..even if he hadnt done it properly we had to submit our work on 2nd.. i had demo at 3pm on 3rd and on 2nd night i again asked him to implement it nd told him AGAIN what to do.. he said i'll do it right this time.. i woke up till 2 am in night, listening to his dumb doubts and replying to it.. when i thought he has understood everything, only then i went for sleep.. nd wen i woke up at 5:30 am, i checked the amount of work he has done (this protocol was a distributed one, so implemented on a remote server(our institute's) so i cd check it from my room too) but i was so dissapointed that he dint even do a fraction of his work.. later he told me he slept in between!!
i started working at 5:30am and worked till 10 mins remaining to 3, when my protocol ran perfectly well.. Clearly if my fren had put in his time and effort wd have done this program in a day or two, for which i took half a day.. but he couldnt do it in 3-4 days either..

And in another one of my project team.. my partners cant rest till they complete their work.. with them, they were the ones doing major part of the project since i scarcely know java.. so just to feel involved in the project i started looking into their programs n keep giving dumb inputs which though resulted in removal of 3 major bugs :D.. and since java is all about finding right methods to do a job rather than applying complex programming logics.. i helped them in finding just that wherever they got stuck, with the help of 3 books ofcourse.. i got an adjective for doing this work too.. MSDN library.. lol...

I told all this story just because i was wondering what motivates ppl to do certain things in life with dedication? vaise the only thing that motivates me to do all my work is the thought of long vacations ahead.. :) :) :) 80 days!!
i know it'll be difficult to stay at home doin absolutely nothing, especially after such a hectic
work schedule.. i'll have to think of somehin to keep me busy.. dance classes, swimming/jogging, art n craft classes, probably some programming classes, or some personality development workshop... hmmm.. pata nahi kuchh to karungi :D


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