Tuesday, 11 April 2006


Its so very disgusting to hear about our govt's new proposal to give away abt 50% of the seats in premier indian institutes as quotas.. now where do general people's right of equality goes? Why cant admissions be based purely on merit? And as my experience goes, the students admitted through these quotas never really get benefitted.. they waste their 3-4 yrs in a college, trying to cope up with others, but in the end they were the ones without a job.. and i happen to know a person in my college who got admission thru quota with a fake ST certificate!! Though last heard he was still out of job...
Now think about doctors... people study real hard to get into AIIMS.. there r already just a few seats available.. and with this quota coming, the availability for general ppl will reduce further.. where will it lead to? un-talented ppl getting into, but without any talent.. and intelligent ppl left behind cos they dont deserve to be in a general category... And think about when u have some medical problem and want to see a doctor.. would you like to go to a less competitive doctor?can u trust ur life with such a person?
This quota is not limited to just doctors, engineers and MBAs.. it has also to be applied to NIFD and NSD.. thats fashion designing and drama colleges.. I just fail to understand, how can people with no talent get into these colleges? creativity surely doesnt come with a tag.. If these OBCs ppl are really talented they will get admitted despite of their caste status.. so why this quota for them?
I once had a classmate who belonged to SC but hated that tag.. she was an intelligent person and used to be the topper.. she always applied through general category.. Then i didnt knew why she did that.. but i think i understand now..
You can sign an online petition against this here. Sometimes these little gestures do make an effect.. A person i told abt this site said nothing will happen and he dint signed this.. but i guess, something happens or not is to be seen later, but u have to make an effort..
By the way did you know some states such as tamil nadu and karnataka already give state reservations of more than 50%.. And this reservation was proposed in 1990 too by the VP singh govt.. and this mandal commision proposal was the one which made him resign later.. Also, Last year, in Aug 2005, Supreme Court abolished all cast-based reservations in unaided private colleges. On december 21,2005 the lok sabha passed the 104th constitution amendment act 2005, rolling back the SC judgment by introducing a new clause to allow for reservations for SCs,Sts and OBCs in all colleges except minority colleges.
Now what can we do,when the ppl we elect are the ones who think only of their vote-banks and not of the country in general. Dont they realise they are taking our country backwards? Dont they have a conscious? Dont they wanto think in their retirement days that they did good for the country? I am dissapointed and disgusted at this decision of our govt.

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