Thursday, 13 April 2006

A breather in this busy schedule :)

last night i went to an astronomy session organised in our campus... It was so much fun.. Though it was only for one-and-a-half hour and about 30 ppl were there. It was crowded alright for a single telescope, but fun nonetheless. We saw moon's surface, craters were very clear. Then we saw saturn along with its rings.. Lastly we saw jupiter with its 4 moons. 3 small dots above a bright ball and 1 below it!! Anyways atleast i saw it :)
And the gud part was the cool breeze under softly lit night..It was romantic nd i missed someone there.. We were a group of some 8-9 frens on that chhat.. sitting on the boundary.. ( i cant seem to remember the word for that 4-5 feet high wall like structure put on edges of balconys and roofs...) We argued a lot.. and totally useless arguements they were.. like which direction is east? And finally it turned out everyone was saying almost the same thing :) Pulling each other's leg is always the most funniest part..
I am really dumb when it comes to teasing someone else, but anyways its gud be with frens who do that (Only till i am not the object of their discussions :) ). I really wonder how ppl come out with dumber things to say!!! The roof of the telescope-room was movable, so a guy was being teased to sit on that roof and take jhoolas.. !! can anyone be dumber than this? But since everyone started laughing, i too did that he he and hi hi..

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