Tuesday 26 March 2013

Four generations

My daughter, me, my mom and her mom we all got together in december last year, when we went for a cousin's wedding and this is the only moment when my daughter and my grandmother had or will have together. My grandmum passed away last month and all the more reason to treasure their pic forever. 

My jhaiji, thats what we all called my grandmother, was absolutely wonderful in her own way! As with all the ladies of her era, she was fond of making delicacies in our kitchen. Mathhis, gujhiyas, namak paras, pickles, almond syrup were some of her favourite things to make! I remember trying to sneak past her when she was in the kitchen, because she would always give us something to help her with. And once caught, we just had to work in with her for a minimum of couple of hours. 
I remember an incident when i saw her reading a Hindi magazine and was so totally surprised. I always assumed she was illiterate! Why I made that assumption, I do not know. But i was so proud of her when i got to know! :) 
Anyways, So this is a small canvas i made with the pic - 
I chose pink color as the background because it somehow gives a very feminine feel and there are only ladies in this pic anyway. I started making this mixed media canvas inspired by Yvonne. She makes hers so well!  

I am always inspired by LESSOLOGY challenges, so went through the house toolbox in line with the current challenge at LESSOLOGY - Whats in your toolbox? I say 'house toolbox' since we dont really have one at our home, there's a small box which landowner left (for us!) in the spare room. It has a random collection of things, spare lights, hammer, multi-screw driver, sample paints, paint brushes $and some other knick knacks. I stole that '4' and those circles from the box. I dont know what those circles are, and numbers were probably to mark flat numbers on the mail box. Ours is flat 9, so i could see all others except 9! :)

I am also entering this for Hands2hearts challenge - celebrating womenhood

Some more pics of the project - 


  1. WOW 4 generations!! And the pink with so much of texture showcases the photo so well

    Dr Sonia
    Cards Crafts School Projects

  2. 4 generations!! that is awesome!! and this layout is very nice!!

  3. This is beautiful Dolly. I love all the pink and the amazing textures here. So glad your daughter did get to meet her great grandma though. This pic is soooooo precious!

    Thanks for joining us at LESSology!

    P/s: I use gel medium to glue pages in my journal book together or sometimes just staple them.

  4. wow Kishley - it is so so special to preserve stuff like this. My grandmom is still alive and I must get a photo of the four of us. You've preserved the memory so beautifully... LOVELY!
    Crafting Till The Crack of Dawn
    ItsyBitsy - The Blog Place

  5. Awww what a lovely photograph!

    There's a YSL Lipstick to be won over at my blog if you would like to enter? x

    ..F A S H E R N A B L Y - L A T E..

  6. beautiful canvas .love to see four generations .

  7. Lovely and innovative post
    thank for playing at hand2heart... :)

  8. This is AMAZING!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeee it!!!!! WOW WOW WOW!!!! Thanks so much for playing along with LESSology!!