Monday, 5 December 2011

Baby boy in the family!

A new addition to our family!! :) My sister in law gave birth to a baby boy 5 days back and I'm so excited about it. My darling husband is in Delhi right now, he just had to go when he got the good news! A friend is coming tomorrow to stay with me while he's away, though I would still love to have my husband beside me all the time.

I just so had to make a card for her, I am a proud Maami now! For those who don't know, Maami is kid's mother's brother's wife! lol! It sounds so complicated, though is not, since we Indians have been brought up in a world where every relation has a specific name! Check this link if you are into reading all possible relations we use in everyday matter..

Ok, so getting on with the card, I was in a hurry to complete this in time. I seriously didnot want my husband to leave without a card!  The design is inspired from one of my own baby-girl card that i maid. I happen to purchase both boy & girl gift papers from Archies, which is why even the sentiments look same. Even the baby  on both papers is same, only the color of frame is different.

Details of the lovely glitter hands from itsybitsy & ribbon from A1 craft supply -

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