Friday, 29 July 2011

tid bits

I believe everyone of you might have noticed my absence from blogging.. Though i am actively reading your posts, appreciating your new projects and getting inspired to do many new things,  i am still not really doing anything in my own life.
Some of you already know the fact that i am moving to London for a few years. And to be honest, I am more scared than i am thrilled at the prospect. I have never been a homely girl, always finding fun & peace in outdoor activities. I don't love to cook, I don't really watch television and I definitely don't like to 'relax' by sitting at home (doing nothing). Take me to dinners, parties, movies, get-togethers and i am a content soul! Even working in office is better than working from home!
And, why the hell am i scared of moving? First thing, i am not going to be able to afford a maid there.. I'll be cooking, cleaning, washing and what not!! Even though, I know, my darling husband will be helping me, there's no denying that the amount of task I'll have to do there is going to be much more than what i have ever done in my life!
Then there's the BIG question of unemployment. It has been a long time since I have working & I do love my financial independence. I am not afraid of being bored at home, I have a lot of hobbies to nurture in absence of my usual programming job. I still am anxious for my future & career in the long term. I think I'll also apply for a PhD studentship in next study year. There's a big doubt if I'll get an admission & bigger doubt about whether  I'll be able to afford the studies if i am not offered a scholarship!  Keeping my fingers crossed.
I am really excited about one thing though, I'll have no dearth of crafty supplies there.. I was checking out an Australian scrapbooking magazine ( jan 2008 edition) and the stuff advertised in that magazine has still not reached India in mainstream retailing. I should have expected that nonetheless the fact still hurts me!!
On another note, you know what i have been doing past few days? I have been reading/viewing a LOT of scrapbooking & card-making books, I have a cute collection of about a dozen such books, and I love going through them again & again.. And, I have made envelopes for the note-cards I'll be sending next week for ICR secret swap event.. you read it correct, I have made only the envelopes, yet to make the note cards.. & I already have 3 Tags to send out (I made them in Brussels :D )


  1. Aww!.. dee don't worry!.. hehe.. Its gonna be a new life and new experience!.. Soo much fun! ;)
    But you will have to cook though! :P
    And you can still try keeping your financial independence intact by putting up your cards and stuff on etsy! ;)
    Ooo.. and keep sending us some crafty love from there!.. hehe..
    Well all miss you so much! :)

  2. reading thru yr post, actually made me all emotional... awwweeee... am sure things wud sooon fall in place very well and trust me things are not really as daunting as they seem right now!!! and u will do just just fine!!!

    all the very best buddy!!!

  3. Oh wow! How exciting to be living in London....I've always wanted to live in England (maybe not London...outskirts perhaps). I see a whole new world of possibilities for you! I'm sure you can still make some $$$ by doing freelance programming or something online. You could also use the opportunity to do some travelling and share the pictures with us! Housework isn't that bad really...I actually enjoy it...get a smaller space, less area to You can also find fellow crafters who crop together weekly...there's a huge crafting community there!

    I'm really excited for you and wish you all the best! :)

    P/s: You will still partake in my challenges eh?

  4. Oh my thats was a lot to take in one go and I can understand what u feel... But I'm sure its gonna be fun.... So take it in its stride and enjoy the ride along...

  5. Amidst all the chaos & confusions, there is one thing I'm sure of, we'll miss u.... Though connected over the net, Then, Now & Later, there would be some feeling of u not being here in India that would make me miss you..... I often experience that, when Tejal visits her in-laws.... Though in India, just that moving makes me miss her & so would be with you too moving from India! Wishes & Hugs)))

    Ash... :)

  6. London is such a charming place to be in! I am sure you are going to enjoy it to the core, except the London winters which I hate!

    This would also mean a whole lot of travel opportunities up north to my favorite Scotland, and the other countries in Europe!

    As far as your creative instincts are concerned, they are going to be fuelled well! London brings out the creative in you! Trust me on this!

  7. hey, I could understand your situation, coz i was in the same before 2 years... but believe me, staying at home is not as bad as you think and as time goes by , you will start enjoying it!! Actually it will be fun as you are moving to London!! All the very best!! and stay connected!