Tuesday, 5 April 2011

A challenge!

Me participating in a challenge is rare, Still a challenge on yvonne's blog got me..This Challenge by Debbie is about using embossing folders & sanding/inking it, to get some amazing looking textures..
Never tried this before, so here goes my attempt -

I'm enjoying in Europe right now, & I'm so disapointed by the lack of any good crafting store here in Belgium.. I wasn't able to find anything nice in art n craft store.. There's huge selections of colors, paints, pastels, markers, sheets etc. but nothing for scrapbookers or crafters.. There's one big store still left to explore, i hope they stock some nice stuff.. :)


  1. Hey Dolly,

    so nice to see u back in action. guess being abroad wont stop u ;) lovely card and yummy colours!! hope u having a fine time in Belgium!!

    PS: dont miss my blog candy!!

  2. lovely card!!hope you find what you want in your next search ...have fun in Belgium!

  3. beautiful card!.. love it!.. and crafting on a vacation?.. wow!.. that sounds soo much fun! :D

  4. Such a sweet creation! Thanks for playing along even though you are on vacation! :)

    P/s: Hope you are enjoying the chocolates in Belgium...I ate a ton when I was there....*winks*

  5. What a beautiful card! Thanks for playing along with the challenge!

  6. wonderful card! have fun in Belgium!!

  7. Love all those textures on your card..... :D