Monday, 12 July 2010

My sins against gender stereotypes

Have you ever wanted or done something your gender is not supposed to? DewDrops asked me to list 10 such things.

1. I can do odd-jobs at home which are usually men's area. I am comfortable with manly-tools such as screw-driver, pliers, hammers and can use them when needed with ease. I don't flinch when i have to replace bulbs n tube-lights and i tend to fix things that i need to.

2. I carry my own luggage even when my husband insists otherwise. Once i was back from airport and needed my luggage carried over to our home on second floor sans lift. My father in law gave up after 2 steps (he insisted he'll carry it). And needless to say, i carried whole 20.5 kgs for the rest of the steps and did so without putting it down even once!

3. I love action movies! I so totally love them. And my husband loves it!

4. I love trekking, walking, climbing, running, cycling, jumping over fences, even though i am not a regular at them and don't have too much of stamina. I still love doing all of that.

5. I love to explore a new city on my own. I can walk down aimlessly in the lanes of a stranger city with ease and confidence and yet be charmed by it.

6. I rarely keep my room organised and tidy. I throw my clothes anywhere in the room and keep my footwear wherever! I place my phone, my hair accessory, my watch  anywhere in the room.

7. I don't use makeup! I generally goto my office without applying *any* makeup. Not even a lip gloss. I don't wear much jewellery either except big earring and my ring. A married women in India is soooooo supposed to be laden with jewellery & make-up.

8. I drive recklessly, sometimes at speeds of 100 kmph and i do believe most girls don't know how to drive well! :( i so wish it weren't the case.

9. I donot want reservations for women in any place. I never use seats meant for women, rarely stand in girls-queues and sincerely believe in no special reservation for them in education institutes or jobs.

10. I hate cooking. literally hate cooking. I wish i never had to set foot in the kitchen... Though i know all basic indian cooking and can prepare a decent meal.

Okay. So i have completed my list. Would you want to list yours down too?


  1. wow!.. liked knowing u better! :)

  2. Interesting read! :)

    What men can do, women can too...most of the time even better! ;)

  3. @Spardha: :)

    @yyam: yay!! I believe women are stronger species too :)

  4. :)
    I love cars, WWE wrestling, and all action packed gory movies (Predator for eg.) and I still love pink! :) My buddies tell me I am messed up! LOL!
    We sure are the stronger of the lot!

  5. You are definitely independent and quite a Sinner Against Gender Stereotypes :)

    About reservation for women I feel, the idea is to create a somewhat level playing field... even today in most parts of India girls are either not sent for higher studies or if they are their education and careers - no matter how smart or keen they are, are discouraged from treating their careers as their priority.

    And they still have been scoring very well - generally topping the boards. And this year the number of seats in some institutions have been restricted for girls by bringing down the cut off for boys - because the institute feared they may get more female then male students. ( ) - basically, with so much blatant discrimination - the field is anything but level.

  6. I had read this post of yours longback, due to time constraints couldn't comment then. Trekking, action movies, exploring new city, I love them all. So we are sisters in sin :)

    Thanks for honouring the tag :)

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