Monday, 19 November 2007

The Red Carpet

I was recently traveling by air to home for Diwali.. It was a lovely evening with some clouds on the sky.. But i never imagined this lovely evening was going to get transformed into a breathtakingly beautiful evening..
I got a window seat from where i could directly watch the sun. I was glad for the clouds which stood as guards against the glaring sun-shine and providing excellent view at the same time.. I could not click a snap, but the adjacent photo is pretty much similar to what i saw that day..
Our plane went over the smaller cloud and gave us a spectacular view of changing colors on the bigger cloud.. Watching the sun's play on this cloud was just spell-bounding.. from grey to illuminated borders to sizzling golden to absolute white..
I was about to close my windshield since the sun was directly shining on my eyes.. But i guess it was a lucky day.. I noticed a red Carpet below the plane. A soft furry red carpet. At first i din realized what is it. The plane's wing tilted a bit & i saw the sun, just about to set, at extreme corner of the earth. Dimmed by clouds surrounding it, emanating a dull yellow sparkle .. The color slowly turned into Red as it moved away from the golden ball hung at the horizon.. The clouds directly below us were reflecting the afterglow and were giving the illusion of velvety soft red carpet..
The pic i have shown here is a bit different. What i witnessed was a little more yellow near the sun, a little smoother cloud-surface and a brighter shade of red on the clouds.. but this was the only pic i found on google which had sunset above clouds :D (I wish clicking snaps was allowed while flight takes off, It would have been soooo gud)


  1. i click all the time when the flight takes off... not sure why you could not !!!

    and cameras are allowed in the domestic flights so that you can clicked on the flight...

  2. Where is tht pic of sun which u clicked..

  3. OM -- I never tried asking the flight attendants.. they announced that use of all electronic equipments is prohibited during take-off, once the seat-belt sign is off, they can be used.. I din knew its not such a hard n fast rule!! next time i'll ask them..

    Sushant -- Read the lines yaar.. I thought i cant click during take-off.. By the time seat belt sign went off, sun was almost set.. So no pics..

    Arti -- yeah.. It was heaven :)