Wednesday, 17 October 2007


Some momeries from my recent trip to goa..

- Hunting for Red garments
- Playing guitar nd congo in the train, when i dont really know how to play them :)
- Feeling dead cold while sleeping, i din have anything to keep myself warm :(
- Enjoying the personal suite and hot water shower(which i miss at my home :( )
- Going inside the sea for the very first time. jumping with the incoming waves.. going a lil deeper in the sea with frens.. tasting the sea water.. I din like the taste of salt in the sea :D
- Collecting shells on the beach..
- Making sand-castle and then decorating it with shells & a StarFish..
- Playing polo in pool & trying to remember how to swim..
- Feeling nervous that my dance will go wrong on stage.. it was just not practised enough
- Sitting on beach till late into the night
- Not giving way to the shuttle driver to go past us while coming back from the beach
- Drinking 7up for Rs.115/- and then talking non-stop till i went to sleep
- Getting difficulty in getting up in the morning
- Parsing the Goan roads on bike & gettting lost innumerous times in the night
- Buying some (more) junk jewellery from beach side stalls & getting tempted to buy 12 earrings for just 80 bucks.
- Parasailing, looking at 360 degree horizon and loving every minute of flying in the air.
- Taking out crabs( or whatever they were) from their shells, watching star fish moving its tentacles when taken out of water
- Watching sunset over sea and discussing an abandoned ship on shores of aguada fort
- Singing songs while coming back to our hotel, watching Ishwar jump from scooty everytime it hit a speedbreaker
- Dancing non-stop on DJ night and having 4 scoops of icecream later
- Having a memorable night of my life
- Hurryingly packing-up to wait for "gift a friend" but finally exchanging my gift :D
- Clicking snaps with "vasco" in different poses

Iske baad ki memories not too gud, so not trying to remember them.. :D

And remembering a few gud ones i cant write here.. all of these made GOA a wonderfull trip..

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  1. fantastic... loved reading this one...

    and what was so special about the night ;)